Strictly monitoring the production process, our quality controllers work towards leaving no chances of occurring flaws. A proper and detailed scientific test is performed by the experts  to examine the soil, water and physical characteristics. The professionals of our firm concentrate on all the major factors that contribute to bring out high quality seeds. Before the final dispatch, the offered Flower Seeds, Summer Flower Seeds, Perennial Flower Seeds, Short Lived Seeds, Seeds Treatment, Ornamental Flowering Shrubs & Half Trees are tested on various grounds to ensure their flawlessness and compliance with industry guidelines.

What We Offer
  • Complete project report that includes repatriation of stock and revenue according to client needs
  • Offering training and support to the clients
  • Regular market reports
  • Domestic and export marketing
  • Free of charge consultancy
  • Scientific test interpretation for water, soil and physical characteristics.
  • Technical advice, information, and after sales support.
  • Arranging contract multiplications of varied seeds and plants in India, Europe, Australia, Middle East, USA etc.
  • Co-operative Marketing and Consulting in Indian markets for new products
  • Technical information on many products including samples, photos free of charge, etc.

Product Range

Saral Sabzaar is a noted producer, exporter and supplier of Tree Seeds, Shrub Seeds, Grass Seeds, Flower Seeds - Marigold Seeds, Periwinkle Seeds, etc., Eucalyptus Citriodora Seeds, Anjan Seeds, Crape Myrtle Seeds, Fig Seeds, Pink Shower Seeds, Gliricidia Sepium Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Nickerbean Seeds, Palm Seeds, Bamboo Seeds, etc. Here is a brief about the same:

TREE SEEDS / SHRUB SEEDS : Palm Seeds, Bamboo Seeds, Conifer Seeds, Grass Seeds, Green Manuring Seeds, Fruit Seeds, Medicinal Seeds, Hedge Seeds, Ornamental Flowering Shrub, Half Trees, Creepers And Climbers, White Sesame Seeds.

FLOWER SEEDS : Winter Flower Seeds, Perennial Flower Seeds,Summer Flower Seeds

SHORT LIVED SEEDS : We offer short lived seeds that are viable and are of good quality.

SEEDS TREATMENT : We provide seed treatment to ensure that the seeds are protected from spores.

SPICES & SPICE SEEDS : Floral Seeds offers spices that are without any artificial fillers.

OP & F1 HYBRID VEGETABLE SEEDS : These seeds have been developed by creating an optimum environment.

WHOLE HERBS & HERB SEEDS : We offer herb seeds that have been cultivated to ensure that they result in healthy plants.

Tree Seeds & Shrub Seeds

Palm Seeds

Livistonia Chinesis

Areca Catechu (Betel Nut)

Areca Lutscence

Cycas Revoluta

Ehretia Lewis, etc.

Bamboo Seeds

Bambusa Arundinacae

Dendrocalamus Calsotachus

Dendrocalamus Giganthus

Dendrocalamus Hamiltoni

Dendrocalamus Strictus, etc.

Conifer Seeds

Abies Webbiana (Var Pindrow)

Agathis Robusta

Araucaria Bidwallai

Araucaria Cunninghamii

Cupressus Funebris

Picea Smithiana

Taxodium Mucronatum

Thuja Orientalis, etc.

Lawn Grass Seeds, Fodder Crops and Other Grass Seeds

Andropogan Muricatus

Cenchurus Cilliaris

Dicanthum Annulatum

Trifoliu, Alexandrium (clover)

Stylosanthes Scabra, etc.

Green Manuring Seeds

Canavilia Ensiformis

Crotalaria Juncea

Glycine Hispida

Dolichos Biflorus ( Horse Gram)

Tephrosia Candida, etc.

Fruit Seeds

Aegle Marmelos

Artocarpus Lakoocha

Carica Papaya

Citrus Medica ( Lime)

Nephelium Litchee, etc.

Ornamental Flowering Shrub & Half Trees

Almanda Cathertica

Camelia Sinensis

Cassia Anguisttifolia (Senna)

Coffea Bengalensis

Sesbania Grandiflora

Thevetia Nerifolia, etc.

Hedge Seeds

Acacia Farnesiana

Dodonea Viscosa

Leucena Glauca

Parkinsonia Aculeata

Sesbania Aegyptica, etc.

Medicinal Seeds

Medicinal Plant Seeds

Abrus Precatorious

Ipomea Bilaba

Mimosa Pudica

Ricinus Communis

Ricinus Communis

Vinca Rosea (White)

Strychnos Nux-Vomica, etc.

Creepers and Climbers

Antigonon Alba

Antigonon Leptopus

Artabotrys Odoratissimus

Clitoria Ternatea

Ipomea Palmata, etc.

White Sesame Seeds (Sesamum Indicum)

Flower Seeds

Winter Flower Seeds

Agregatum Blue

Alyssum Yellow

Aster Double Mix

Anthirrium Mix

Calendula Orange

Calendula Gold

Pansy Blue


Summer Flower Seeds

Amranthus Cadatus Red

Amranthus Tricolor

Amranthus Pyomytorch

Balsam Rose-Gulab

Balsam White Double

Balsam Pink Double

Celosia Red

Cockscomb Jwel Box, etc.

Short Lived Seeds

Abies Pindrow

Araucaria Cunninghamaii

Bassia Latifolia

Michelia Champaca

Shorea Robusta

Ticoma Undulata

Saraca Indica, etc.

Spices & Spice Seeds

Ajwain New Machine Cleaned

Mango Powder (Amchoor Powder)

Coriander Powder Pure

Cumin Seed For Grinding

Garlic Flakes Dehydrated

Kali Mirchi

Mustard (Yellow), etc.

Other Spices & Spice Seeds






Marsch Mallow, etc.

Op & F1 Hybrid Vegetable Seeds

Broccolo Fl Hybrid

Bottle Gourd Fl Hybrid

Bitter Gourd Fl Hybrid

Brussels Sprouts Sakta

Beet Root DDR Improved

Capsicum C. Wonder

Cauliflower Fl Hybrid

Tomato Fl Hybrid, etc.

Herbs & Herb Seeds

Abelmoschus Mosch

Abrus Precatorius

Abutilon Indicum



Amber Gris

Ancyclus Pyrethrum

Valeriana Hardwickii, etc.

Business Policy

1. All products are subject to stocks and the prices can change without any prior notice.
2. New clients have to do 100% advanced payments by any option like DD/TT/CHEQUE and the old clients may give 50% advanced payment. This is not applicable for Govt. departments. Payment must be completed within 30 days after the raising of invoice. Else the clients have to pay 18% interest per annum.
3. Other charges like packing insurance forwarding/Airfreight and so on are exclusive in an order.
4. The company does not admit any liability for recompense consequent on any kind of failure of germination of seeds/herbs delivered that depend on various factors like soil, atmospheric condition, sowing technique etc.
5. Sales tax will also be charged according to the current rates for domestic clients only. Claiming exemption from C.S.T. can furnish us at declaration form "C" or form "D" as applicable in duplicate.
6. All the disputes will be settled in Dehradun, India only.
7. All the clients are requested to ask the prices to the clients as per the quantity requirements

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